Archives for September 19, 2009

Revolution OS

This is a documentary from 2001 for you Linux Symps to watch while everyone else is sleeping.

Fun with the Linux seq command

Do you know about the obscure Linux command ‘seq’????? It is actually quite cool.

Adobe Photoshop on Linux

Adobe Photoshop CS2 on Ubuntu from justmoon on Vimeo.

Go wish Rebecca a happy birthday, and find out what the heck else I’m talking about here.

Which is better at pool: Cats or dogs?

Nineteen former pilots and government officials … told reporters their questions can no longer be dismissed …”We want the US government to stop perpetuating the myth that all UFOs can be explained away in down-to-earth, conventional terms,” said Fife Symington, former governor of Arizona… “Instead our country needs to reopen its official investigation that it…