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The Mystery of The Returned Outboard Motor

If you have not yet read Goldilocks, a Very Cold Winter Night, And a Strange Sense of Empty-ness then please do so now. Only then will you have the background necessary to understand and appreciate The Mystery of the Returned Outboard Motor. As told to us by Jimmy James Watson Bettencourt …

So we arrive at the cabin, and something seems amiss. With each new clue uncovered, we are at first disturbed, then aghast, and finally, astonished. None of it made very much sense until we found the note. Wow. The note.

Yay!!! Wooohooo!! Yipeeeee!!!! OK, let’s see what Kirk has to say about it:

Links and business

First, some important business. If you have a science post, send it to Scientia Pro Publica. . They are due NOW and, I assume owing to the beginning of the school year, there is a shortage. Second, check this out: Something interesting happened the other day when Almost Diamonds produced this post on purity movements…

How to build your own Linux Distro

When nerds get access to YouTube…

Blog businness: This is my last post ever

It turns out the war of Gog and Magog starts tomorrow, so I’m going to spend the rest of the time before The Rapture cleaning out my father-in-law’s Scotch Collection which I happen to be alone with right now. Details here. KTHXBYE

The police chief of Austin Texas has become annoyed at pseudonymous bloggers and commenters, and plans to investigate, seek search warrants subpoenas, or sue for libel if this asshatery does not stop now. The chief says:

My Cat Is A Christian

If you watch a fake hand standing in for your right hand, and it is touched with a brush while at the same time your left hand, hidden from view, is similarly touched, you feel your right hand being touched. This spooky finding is called “phantom touch” and was reported in a recent issue of…

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