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Time to start watching Mt. Rainier?

Erik Klemetti notes that Mt. Rainier has been experiencing increased seismic activity as of late. (details) Overall activity level is up since the last month and the little earth quakes are a little bigger. No particular explanations are forthcoming yet. Current seismic data are here.

High School is … Interesting.

Imagine finding the following quote on the wall of your teenage child’s social studies classroom: “No, I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered as patriots. This is one nation under God.” – George H.W. Bush What would you do?

The Linux Baby Rocker

Dark Dark Dark

Featuring one of our local caribou bou bou. More about Dark Dark Dark at a later time.

Oh, and one more facebook thing to join!!!

I just found out that Scienceblogs has a facebook page. You should join it!

The Secular Pinky Swear (Pass it on)

Tired of seeing the Religious Right claim the moral high ground through abstinence pledges that don’t work? As a humanist, you know that ancient creeds are no basis for morality, and that attempts to control teens through fear, intimidation, and outdated doctrines and institutions are futile. Statistics show that teens who take abstinence pledges (such…

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This is yet another in a series of posts on falsehoods. To refresh your memory, a falsehood is a belief held by a number of people that is in some way incorrect. That incorrectness may be blatant, it may be subtle, it may be conditional, it may be simple, it may be complex. But, the…

Good question. A recent paper in PLoS ONE looks at H1N1 in foreign travelers in order to estimate the incidence of this virus in Mexico.