The Secular Pinky Swear (Pass it on)

Tired of seeing the Religious Right claim the moral high ground through abstinence pledges that don’t work? As a humanist, you know that ancient creeds are no basis for morality, and that attempts to control teens through fear, intimidation, and outdated doctrines and institutions are futile. Statistics show that teens who take abstinence pledges (such as the infamous “Silver Ring Thing”) are no less likely to engage in premarital sex, and in fact are more likely to engage in irresponsible, unprotected sex.

Still, society has a hard time understanding that secular people, especially nonreligious kids, can have strong morals and values. But thanks to a group of young humanist activists from Georgia, the Silver Ring Thing has now clearly met its match. Please take a moment to view the link below, which contains the humanist community’s answer to abstinence pledges – the Secular Principles Pinky Swear!

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Pass it on.