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Why are women (slightly more) religious?

Are women more likely to be stupid/gullible? That seems to be the assumption that the ungenerous of us might make when considering the 7% gap between men and women when it comes to religious affiliation…. … that was discussed recently in an ARIS poll. Earlier, I had pointed to Stephanie Zvan’s comments on this, and…

Appyhay Anniversaryway Yptographycray

This is the sixtieth anniversary of cryptography, according to one way of counting it that I’m sure lots of people don’t agree with. (I mean, seriously, I’ve SEEN the Da Vinci code, man.) Anyway, here is a nice slide show, starting out with the Engigma, working its way through the movie “Sneaker” and eventually to…

There might be an HIV vaccine.

… this is not close to perfect, but an experimental mix of two previously tested but ineffective vaccines appears to have at least a 31 percent prevention rate based on one recent trial. The story is written up here.

Nobody knows. But, someone does suspect this is the case. (If it is true, and we don’t know, it pertains to LAST YEARs flu shot, and may or may not pertain to this year’s flu shot.) However, it would seem that the proprietary publication process is keeping the information in private for now. David Dobbs…

? … :;””‘!!!!

Yes, it is “National ‘Punctuation’” Day … in America! All day you should use “extra” [whenever possible] punctuation! It will help to #@%@^# swear now and then…!!! The national “Punctuation ‘Day’” page is …. -> HERE!?!?

The new film about Darwin, Creation, will be distributed in the United States after all, according to a story in the Hollywood Reporter (September 24, 2009). The film is expected to be released by Newmarket Films in December 2009. Earlier the producer of the film, Jeremy Thomas, lamented to the Telegraph (September 11, 2009), “It…

Al Franken Reads Riot Act to DOJ Official

Well, not the Riot Act, but the Fourth Amendment.

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When I am in the mood to fish, and I’m at the lake, I pay special attention to the water.

Maddow on Health Care Progress

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