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Happy Birthday Cobol

Cobol is the opposite of a modern computer langauge, in some ways. But it is the language that a lot of business systems are written in, so chances are you “use” Cobol almost as much as you “use” Linux, even if you never heard of either.

Its a 1980s dating video montage. I think some of these guys were left over from the 70s. I guess I’d go with the Viking. Bonus video:

Beck, Hannity: Global Warming Called Off

What they are referring to is a paper by Mojib Latif in which he notes that the media often misrepresent global warming as a continuous, year by year increase in temperature. The truth, of course, is that annual temperature varies up and down but the baseline for this variation has been going continuously up. Like…

Pawlenty…. YOU LIE!!!!

From Mn Progressive Project

Female monarchs in the eastern part of North America have declined in number over the last three decades, according to recent research.

Al and Frannie on Health Care