Gay? Don’t die in Florida.

A news report from back a year ago:

The latest:

(Miami, Fl.) The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida today rejected Lambda Legal’s lawsuit filed against Jackson Memorial Hospital on behalf of Janice Langbehn, the Estate of Lisa Pond and their three adopted children who were kept apart by hospital staff for eight hours as Lisa slipped into a coma and died.

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  1. #1 Tony P
    September 30, 2009

    Hopefully this will push through with an appeal. The hospital is way off base here. Were it me I’d make sure I endangered the hospitals funding.

  2. #2 Sean
    September 30, 2009

    This is extremely revolting. It makes me furious just sitting here in front of my computer. Right now I feel like lawsuits and monetary loss to the hospital would not be nearly enough. There are some folks out there who need a severe beating. Ugghhh.
    I am fairly young, but I remember learning about slavery, segregation and the KKK, and how dumbfounded I was that there could be such nastiness in the world. Well, I guess similar types of abuses are happening today…
    Sorry if this makes no sense…Ughhh.

  3. #3 Joel
    October 1, 2009

    This is why we need to drop DOMA and push for the legalization of gay marriage nation-wide. Civil unions and legal contracts are worthless.

  4. #4 aratina cage
    October 1, 2009

    Good advice, Greg. Unfortunately, I love Florida (the place). Fundies get too many special rights. They are absolute fascists against everyone else, but we have to treat them with dignity because they have the LAW on their side. I would love to see a straight elderly White Christian man be denied access to his wife in that same hospital. The guy would have a shit-fit and you know Roberts, Scalia, Alito, and Thomas would virtually reach down and pull his case up to their level to right the injustice. But I’m very afraid of what will happen when this particular case of a lesbian being denied access to her wife goes before those four Supremes.

  5. #5 aratina cage
    October 1, 2009

    Another thing, it may be OK to die in other places in Florida if you are gay, like Tampa for instance (and possibly Disney World which is really close to Orlando).

  6. #6 Stephanie Z
    October 1, 2009

    Joel (assuming this is the usual Joel), as someone who got to attend a wedding reception on Saturday that wouldn’t have otherwise happened and should have happened years ago, I thank your state for being civilized.