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A few things to read:

Which is better, Cats or Dogs? From a religious perspective, that is. The Best of Me Symphony, a blog carnival. And get your Godless LOL’s here.

I discussed the Hendrickson Incident here (and now Josh Henderson has come to Quiche Moraine to defend himself from the Hippies from Uptown) but I had missed, until Hendrickson himself pointed it out to me, this coverage from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. To see Hendrickson’s response, and some great “examples” of the use…

Long Live the Public Option

Rachel Maddow on yesterday’s failures and successes in the Senate Committee. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Bell Museum October Schedule

For those of you in the Twin Cities area:

Two Sblings and their forthcoming books

Coming Soon: Written in Stone “Hey, PZ, how’s the book coming along?”

An international team of researchers, including Monash University biochemists, has discovered evidence at the molecular level in support of one of the key tenets of Darwin’s theory of evolution. … that it happened …

You may know that much of the climate change on earth over the last two million years-the coming and going of ice ages-is caused by the “orbital geometry” of the planet. The amount of planetary tilt and the time of year the tilt occurs change over time. When the Northern Hemisphere is less tilted towards…

Excellent Reading in the Blogosphere

Whatever she wants – sexual selection …. A post translated by Igor Santos from the original published by Atila at the Brazilian blog Rainha Vermelha. Check out what is New and Exciting in PLoS ONE, including “The Genome of the Stick Insect Medauroidea extradentata Is Strongly Methylated within Genes and Repetitive DNA” Will ants trump…

Maddow on Acorn

The De-Fund Acorn Act of 2009: Shame. Maybe even illegal.

Do not watch this if you can’t handle geeks wearing viking hats.