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Boycott the Pure Sensia digital radio

It runs Linux as its OS. But …

What makes a perfect day at the lake?

When the wind stiffens it blows the fog off the lake and replaces it with a biting spray. And when the wind slackens the sound of air rushing though the leaves and around the cabins is replaced with the crashing of the white caps that stand off from the more protected bay. Either way it…

Sagan and Hawking’s new music video

Here at The Lake I don’t get enough intertubules to watch a video reliably. So I can’t separate the DJ effect from the Slow Connection effect in this video, but it looks good:

Cuban rapper busted, released.

The Cuban Rapper AL2 of the bad Los Aldeanos has been arrested by the Cuban Police, and released. Meanwhile, some of his personal effects including a computer were confiscated. Rappers are considered very dangerous by the Cuban government. You may recall a major bust up of a concert there a few weeks ago. I think…

The scientific evidence is overwhelming and unequivocal, climate change is a stark reality. It is largely caused by human activities and it presents very serious global risks for people and biodiversity around the world and it demands an urgent global response. Human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels, are releasing rapidly increasing levels of…

John Wilkins Applies to the Library

As a youth. Before he went silver. Hat Tip Miss Cellania

Did you ever wonder about what I do in my spare time? Did you ever wonder about The Eastern Pacific Black Ghost Shark? Well, these things are connected….

xkcd guy to be on radio

Randall Monroe, creator of the webcomic xkcd, discusses stick men, math, science, relationships and what it’s like to be an internet meme. … on Skeptically Speaking, October 2nd. Details here.

Plants should not tweet

I don’t want my plant twittering me. It is bad enough that they are alway staring at me. Especially the one in the kitchen.

Chance of god existing = 50% – 50%

If you really want him to exist. If he wants you to want him to exist. Or to want you to think that he wants him …. Oh, never mind, just watch. Hat Tip Colloquy