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We have had a cool summer here in Minnesota, and this has brought out the miscreants who for their own reasons do not want to get on board with the simple, well demonstrated scientific fact that global temperatures have risen, that we humans are the primary cause, and that this climate change has negative consequences.

Roman Polanski may visit Los Angeles Soon

Roman Polanski has been wanted by the Las Angeles police since he skipped town a few decades back before sentencing on an “unlawful sex with a minor” charge. That was the plea he copped for much more serious rape charges. He has more or less ignored the fugitive warrants because for some reason you can…

Happy Birthday Chris Rowan

…. of the blog Highly Allochon … Highly Allochthon … no, wait, .. Got it Highly Allochthonous.

Unlikely, but it could happen. A judge recently ordered a person’s Gmail account to be shut down. Why? Because that person received an email from a bank. The email was not supposed to be sent to that person, and it contained account information that person was not supposed to see.

A very interesting day. I got word in the AM that Derick would be digging a trench across the Cabin property tomorrow, and as an archaeologist I could not possibly skip that, so I ripped a rotten board out of the porch as fast as I could, threw in some laundry, and watched the beginning…

… if Nate Silver’s analysis is correct.

Fahrenheit 451 not fiction

You think this was bad? It gets worse. Do not play the movie (below the fold) without your finger/mouse on the volume button of your computer.

Guys. There may be times when you feel your wife or long-term girlfriend has been sleeping with another man. You may suspect she is even pregnant from this activity, and you are not the father. There is a way to fix this, using traditional medicines and some magic, so that your wife/girlfriend will have a…

Help us name our baby

We expect to have a new male baby on November 20th +/-. But we don’t know what to name it. Do you have any suggestions?

Happy Birthday Cobol

Cobol is the opposite of a modern computer langauge, in some ways. But it is the language that a lot of business systems are written in, so chances are you “use” Cobol almost as much as you “use” Linux, even if you never heard of either.