Democratic Congressperson Grows Balls

There’ll be no fighting in the War Room! Or the Congress!

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  1. #1 sailor
    October 1, 2009

    There are some democrats with balls, this is one. But by and large they are dreadful, cannot get together to do anything. It happened during Clinton’s first term and it is happening now. I will predict the results will be the same – a big loss at the next elections, and they will absolutely deserve it.
    In this section Rachel Maddow was almost like john Stewart in her choice of clips, excellent.

  2. #2 Phil
    October 1, 2009

    And why haven’t I ever heard of this guy before? A Dem who fights back?

  3. #3 Dan J
    October 1, 2009

    I truly enjoy the way he questions those who would rather not be questioned. He must be hell in a courtroom.

    He also has his own YouTube Channel where you can see some clips of him thrashing some people who truly deserve it.

  4. #4 Joshua Zelinsky
    October 1, 2009

    I give Maddow a lot of credit for pushing on Grayson about the use of the word “holocaust.” I have to agree with her general point that Grayson’s remarks were inflammatory but not substantially different in tone from the repeated Republican statements.

    There’s also the point that there are basic issues where the Democrats need to have more balls and clearly don’t. But having balls is not the same thing as making inflammatory remarks.

  5. #5 Greg Laden
    October 1, 2009

    Mostly, his remarks were utterly different than the Republicans remarks because the framework of his remarks was absolute truth and he was clearly lampooning them and said this. I have yet to hear any of the Republicans, like those Maddow highlighted or any other, say “I’m being over the top on purpose to make a point.” No. They just pretend to believe what they are saying, and the stuff they are saying (death panels, etc.) is utter bullshit that they know is not true.

    So no, the equivalence argument is bogus. Sorry.

    I have mixed feelings about the word holocaust here. It probably was a poor choice of words, but Maddow is incorrect that the word is reserved for the Nazi holocaust. Even holocaust remembrance experts and activists have expanded the use of the word for other events. But no, not for the 40K dead in the US because of bad health policy. However, if someone is explicitly being over the top to lampoon a situation, it is hard to draw lines that you can then get mad when they cross.

    And to reiterate, no, this is not a parallel/mirror image case at all. He was right to do what he did, it was good that he did it, and it is NOT the same thing at all that the Republicans are doing. Not even a tiny bit close.