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Berry Go Round # 20 is HERE at Further Thoughts. Circus of the Spineless is Here at Quiche Moraine. The October 16th Issue of The Giant’s Shoulders will be hosed at Quiche Moraine. Please submit something! Friday’s Ark is at The Modulator Festival of the Trees 40 is at Local Ecologist

Part four or five …. This is really funny. And enraging.

Put them all in a sack and hit them with a stick!

More bad news from Louisiana

The Louisiana Science Education Act opened the door for creationism to be taught in the state’s public schools, and now the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is propping the door open, the Louisiana Coalition for Science charges. In a September 28, 2009, press release, the LCS noted, “On September 16, the Board of Elementary…

Skeptical Talk Radio

Be prepared for a very special Skeptical Speaking Friday, October 2nd, 6-7 Mountain Time. Details here

New Atheists Ruin Movie for Catholics.

Though its trailer gives no clue as to its true agenda, this venomous supposed comedy is set in a world where lying is unknown and every word spoken is accepted as truth and where — not accidentally, the screenplay implies — God does not exist. Until, that is, failed documentary screenwriter and all-around loser Mark…

The Medieval Religious State of Saudi Arabia has a school called King Abdullah’s University of Science and Technology, which is co-ed (that is an extraordinarily progressive idea for Teh Kingdom) and very science oriented. The idea, obviously, is for Saudi Arabia to maintain it’s old patriarchal relgious-oligarchic ways but at the same time not get…

Rio Gets Olympics

Which means, fellow Americans, that Chicago didn’t. I think Ed Brayton is suggesting that soon we’ll be hearing about how the Obamas ruined our chances, but the word on the street is a bit different. It is generally thought that Chicago’s best chance was to get the African votes, and these votes didn’t come through…

He Dreams of Orac

The last time I had a blogger dream was a steel cage non-death match between Greg Laden and Comrade PhysioProf, over who was going to get to be my post grad mentor. … Don’t ask me, just go and read it. If you dare.

I have mixed feelings about automatic updates of one or more social networking sites from another social networking site. Like when you twitter something and your Facebook status gets the same string of words, or visa versa. I know a few people who do this on a regular basis, and it seems to work very…