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Why Do Some Females Have Horns?

…male and female cattle (including the many wild versions such as the African Cape Buffalo) and wildebeest (a kind of antelope) have horns, while in most other bovids only the males have horns. Both male and female caribou (a kind of deer) grow antlers each year, while in most other deer only the males do…

Aggressive African bees were accidentally released in Brazil in 1957. As “killer bees” spread northward, David Roubik, staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, began a 17-year study that revealed that Africanized bees caused less damage to native bees than changes in the weather and may have increased the availability of their food plants.

For today’s Linux Hint: How to pick which browser will open when you pick a link while using apine in Ubuntu.

Darwin’s Darkest Hour

Don’t miss it! October 6th, on a PBS station near you.

First there was the question of Goldilocks, a Very Cold Winter Night, And a Strange Sense of Empty-ness. Then, there was The Mystery of The Returned Outboard Motor. Which turned into The Mystery of the Missing Boat Motor Deepens. Then there was the complexification described in What makes a perfect day at the lake?. And…

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