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The Twins are Going to New York

Because they won 6 to 5 in the 12th inning, and are thus the American League Central Division Champions.

You read about it here … now you can see the music video version:

Do these look similar to you? According to Apple corp, th e one on the left may be too similar to the one on the right.

Early Friday Morning, plus/minus one half a day depending on where in the world you are, two alien space craft are going to crash into the moon. It will be visible from earth with a small telescope. Read about it here!


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Cycad Sex

I’ve always had a fondness in my heart for cycads. Encephalartos princeps Years ago, while working in the Ituri Forest (in what is now the Congo), I kept hearing of a particular place in the forest, where the Efe Pygmies would occasionally but not often go for various reasons. Over time I asked about this…

The course of the biotic recovery after the impact-related disruption of photosynthesis and mass extinction event at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary has been intensely debated. The resurgence of marine primary production in the aftermath remains poorly constrained because of the paucity of fossil records tracing primary producers that lack skeletons. Here we present a high-resolution record…

Free Windows Upgrade only $17.00!!!

Welcome to Bizzaro Land, computer users. Since June 26, retailers and computer manufacturers have urged shoppers to buy computers already on store shelves loaded with the much-maligned Windows Vista operating system because they would qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it was released in October. As it turns out, Mouse Print* has…

If you get paid to write a review for your blog, that fact … that you were paid … should be disclosed on said blog.

LOL cats ar in ur koran, translayton

This is a site I pointed out to you about a year ago, but it is worth another visit.