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Tsunami Warning CANCELLED

OK, you can go back to lower ground now. The warning has been canceled.

3D scanning and printing

Behold the very cheap 3D scanner And now the 3D printer:

… Collectively. By visiting the new blog “Collective Imagination.” Collective imagination pairs an individual science blogger with an individual scientist or engineer type person from G.E. to discuss stuff. Currently, the science blogger in the Collective Imagination Steel Cage is Yours Truly, and the GE Engineer is my Arch Nemesis Peter Tu.

When I hear the words “We are a Microsoft shop” I cringe. And I usually look at the person who just said it funny. Here is one reason why.

is HERE. There’s no way this is up to number 77 already. I don’t believe that.

Have you arrived to read this post because you don’t like the sound of the title? Does it piss you off? Good.

Spoor of South African Dinos Analyzed

A new investigation of the sedimentology and ichnology of the Early Jurassic Moyeni tracksite in Lesotho, southern Africa has yielded new insights into the behavior and locomotor dynamics of early dinosaurs.

Tiny little cameras were attached to albatross as they flew around over the open ocean hunting. This is important because it is really hard to study albatross at open sea, and virtually impossible to follow individuals one might like to track from, say, a nesting grounds out many miles (they fly fast and far). By…

September: The Month that Was

I posted 299 items during the month of September, about average. However, I had another month of increased hits on the blog and I’m not prepared to increase my estimate as to how many regular readers I have to fourteen! The most popular post of the month was this one: Franken talks down angry mob…