An item from the NCSE:

A special issue of the Journal of Effective Teaching, a peer-reviewed electronic journal devoted to the discussion of teaching excellence in colleges and universities, is devoted to the topic of teaching evolution in the college classroom. Featured are Randy Moore, Sehoya Cotner, and Alex Bates’s “The Influence of Religion and High School Biology Courses on Students’ Knowledge of Evolution When They Enter College”; Katherine E. Bruce, Jennifer E. Horan, Patricia H. Kelley, and Mark Galizio’s “Teaching Evolution in the Galapagos”; Patricia H. Kelley’s “A College Honors Seminar on Evolution and Intelligent Design: Successes and Challenges”; Alexander J. Werth’s “Clearing the Highest Hurdle: Human-based Case Studies Broaden Students’ Knowledge of Core Evolutionary Concepts”; Aditi Pai’s “Evolution in Action, a Case Study Based Advanced Biology Class at Spelman College”; and Caitlin M. Schrein, John M. Lynch, Sarah K. Brem, Gary E. Marchant, Karen K. Schedler, Mark A. Spencer, Charles J. Kazilek, and Margaret G. Coulombe’s “Preparing Teachers to Prepare Students for Post-Secondary Science: Thoughts From of a Workshop About Evolution in the Classroom.” All are freely available in HTML and PDF format.

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  1. #1 JJ
    October 9, 2009

    I’d have to say, my Evolutionary Biology course was one of my favorites.

  2. #2 foie gras
    October 9, 2009

    Even after all these years meetin american with strong religious background, I have trouble understanding how in this age schools can still have issues teaching evolution ( the facts, and the theories outlines for kids).

    Is it possible to stand with “no compromise in science classroom” or will it get too much people to reject the school system ?

  3. #3 Ray Ingles
    October 12, 2009

    I read David Sloan Wilson’s book, “Evolution For Everyone” not too long ago, and found it excellent. Apparently it’s based on a course he teaches, called “Evolution For Everyone”…

  4. #4 Jason Thibeault
    October 12, 2009

    “Evolution for some, tiny representations of Jesus for others!”

    There. That oughtta get Kodos the swing vote.

  5. #5 gary oldman
    October 13, 2009

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