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Certainly not Tim Pawlenty, because he (thinks he) is going to be President of the United States. So, it has to be one of these people.

Shawn Otto at Nobel Conference

PZ Myers Sells Evolution to God

And he gets squid in the deal!!! Is that an iPod they’re looking at just under 3 minutes. I think I want to eat a banana now. Go here, learn more, and give them your money. Seriously.

This Plane is Going to Cuba!

In 1968, and the few years before and after, American commercial aircraft were hijacked to Cuba on a regular basis. It became part of our day to day culture… The latest essay us up at Collective Imagination.

Athletes are more likely to be gay

A repost This is obviously true, and i?ve been saying this for a long time. And I?m not talking about the butt-slaps and sharing chewing tobacco and stuff. To a certain extent, digit ratios seem to be a reasonable indicator of the kinds of hormonal environment in which a person develops in utero. It turns…

Borderline Freedom

1975, winter, somewhere in the American Southwest. I am driving across a state border and there is a sign that reads “do not transport citrus fruit across state lines.” There on the side of the road is a check point with uniformed federal agents, a place to pull off, some garbage cans. I look at…

If you don’t like Hardball, you won’t like this. But Matthews is right. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

So the other day, grandma was taken to the hospital with various medical issues, and treated in the ER. After she was stabilized, she was sent to the ICU, but was unable to get a bed at first because the “ICU was full of H1N1 patients.” I’m was not sure what that means because the…

Chesley Sullenberger is the pilot who successfully crash-landed his plane in the Hudson River after both engines were lost to goose strikes. His book, Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters, is out today. A while ago he was asked at which point he started praying as the plain went down. He said …

So, I said some things that got my friend DuWayne Brayton mad, and this caused him to write two blog posts (here and here), and now with a little time to spare I’m giving this the attention it deserves.