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What time is it, exactly?

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Mr Deity Episode One

Randall Munroe Interview

I just listened to this and it was good. He seems to have been living in a cave. Full of stick figures. So, Des, you’ll tell me about this tattoo later right? And now, for an eg:

Why giant sea scorpions got so big

Research on giant sea scorpions (eurypterids) – the largest bugs that ever lived – has shed new light on why eurypterids became so large and eventually died out.

Save Teh Oceanz!!!11!!

Without the oceans, WE ALL DIE!!! Seriously. And we are totally screwing up the oceans. And Obama has utterly failed to fix this problem after being in office for MONTHS!!! But wait, there’s hope. Something is being done….

How does science get noticed?

I have no clue. But I hope to work it out by Friday when Desiree Schell, Omar Mouallem and I talk about this on Skeptically Speaking.

Open source software in the real world

Let’s look at open source software using a real-world example. To me, the FreeDOS Project will always be the first example I look to, so I’ll use that. It should speak to the commitment of the open source software community that FreeDOS continues under active (if slow) development 15 years after it was conceived. How…

A very good day of grunting worms. Credit: Ken Catania So-called Gene-Culture Co-Evolution can be very obvious and direct or it can be very subtle and complex. In almost all cases, the details defy the usual presumptions people make about the utility of culture, the nature of human-managed knowledge, race, and technology. I would like…

RIP Franco

We knew what you meant, even if the Big Man never did.

The Bible in Translation

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