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Online Shopping can be Dangerous

Down below the fold where it says “CLICK HERE” …. don’t click there! First, make sure the following things are true: 1) You are alone. 2) Your computer’s sound is turned up. 2) Nobody can hear you. OK, go… CLICK HERE

Evolution vs. Creationism

Mr Deity Episode Two

From James at Island of Doubt.

Silence = Death

I have been to Uganda a number times, but only illegally or by accident, in which case I was in the remote bush, or in transit, stopping at Entebbe Airport, so I can’t say that I know much, directly, about the culture there. However, I have spent months in Kenya and years in Zaire/Congo, and…

Roughly half of the people in the United States reject one or more fundamental tenets of science (most commonly evolution), while a larger percent, perhaps more than 80 percent depending on how we measure, would fail a basic science test. A strong majority of those American citizens who would claim to have strong feelings about…

Culture Shapes How We Look at Faces

Constructivism. Determinism. It is all a bunch of hooey. A recent paper published by PLoS (Culture Shapes How We Look at Faces) throws a sopping wet blanket on widely held deterministic models of human behavior. In addition, the work underscores the sometimes spooky cultural differences that can emerge in how people see things, even how…