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I and the Bird Web Carnival

The One Hundred and Elevendieth I and the Bird Web Carnival … which is all about birds … is posted here, at one of my favorite blogs: The Twin Cities Naturalist. Please go check it out. Click on all the links. Digg and stuble upon, fark and reddit, and maybe even read each of the…

Don’t forget to tune in tonight!

Omar Mouallem, Desiree Schell and Greg Laden (that’s me) had a very interesting conversation Wednesday night about how skepticism gets noticed. Through comedy, music, blogging, scientific studies, and other outlets, how do we bring people on board? We decided blogging was irrelevant but that music was cool, we came down divided on what some call…

Mr Deity Episode Three

The following is an abstract from an article by Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education called ?WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE “TEACH THE CONTROVERSY” SLOGAN?? available here.