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The Science of the Bubble

BSD 4.6 was just released

You can get a partial list of the changes in the new version here.

How the Tongue Tastes Carbonation

I never really drank seltzer, or as we would say in NY, seltzah. The one morning I found myself waking up in a house full of sleeping people and we had all been partying heavily the night before, and I had some kind of extra-special hangover, the kind you only get if you’ve been ….

Hispanic children diagnosed with brain tumors get high-quality treatment at hospitals that specialize in neurosurgery far less often than other children with the same condition, potentially compromising their immediate prognosis and long-term survival, according to research from Johns Hopkins published in October’s Pediatrics. More than a decade after the Institute of Medicine’s landmark report Crossing…

Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “the world’s toughest bacterium,” Deinococcus radiodurans can withstand extreme temperatures and drought conditions, lack of nutrients and a thousand times more radiation than a human being. A new study by Cornell researchers reveals that nitric oxide — a gas molecule used in many metabolic processes in…

The podcast is available.

In case you are interested, the conversation with Desiree Schell, Omar Mouallem, and me talking about “Getting Noticed” on Skeptically Speaking is in podcast form. Here.

When talking to Satan, just be light and funny!

The Balloon Boy Maneno: It gets worse.

The Balloon Boy family seems to have made a rap video with some really nasty homo-phobic, anti-gay, and indeed, gay bashing lyrics. It is below the fold.

No interracial marriage guy video

He makes the argument that what he does is legal. It probably is. But he is still a dickwad. Watch CBS News Videos Online

NCSE Executive Director Eugenie Scott has joined the Board of Advisors for Scientific American.