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Well, not really. But if you are looking forward to this momentous occasion, have a look at Linux in Exile’s pre-release commentary. Here.

Minnesota Flu Information Number

This is for sick people looking for help. It is not a phone number for people with mere questions. Only if you are sick. Not for general questions. Sick only. Got it? OK, here’s the number.

Don’t Slash Executive Compensation

Hold on a second…. Executive compensation will be reduced in the Pig Seven (the seven companies that split up the multi-deca-billion dollar bailout). The argument is against this is that with lower executive compensation, these executives will bail, go away, move to other companies.

Yes Men. The Movie.

Why Support Al Franken?

First, watch this

Pamela Ronald, author of Tomorrow’s Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food, is now a Sbling! She will be blogging at Tomorrow’s Table. Welcome Pamela!

David Sloan Wilson is famous for his work on group selection, a.k.a. multi-level selection, and it is quite a coup for Seed and that he has joined our ranks. Please visit E4E and say hey.

For reasons you need not know, I just did something very odd … watched about ten minutes of Oprah. And I watched as she sat and had a bite to eat with a table of atheists. Whoa…..

Wired looks at anti-vax nonsense

People say that clinical trials have not been perforemd with H1N1 vaccine, so we can’t be sure it is safe. Clinical trials have been performed on the H1N1 vaccine. People say that the inhaled version of the vaccine give you the flu. The inhaled version does not give you the flu. Yes, it is a…

Kid Too Skinny for Health Care