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… as in folds Fox over her knee and spanks it.

I never liked Tucker Carlson.

… is doomed. This is what happens when you (and by “you” I mean the insurance industry”) go one step to far in bullying Congress. Even the Republicans turn on you. A little. Details from Rachel:

I would double my money instantly! Hat tip: Counter Minds

Minnesota Flu Hotline Over Capacity

The Minnesota Flu Hotline that I had mentioned earlier is a failure. The state is calling it a “hiccup.” Basically, no one can get through because a lot of people are calling in. The local news is reporting that they have yet to get through themselves or to see anyone get through. Reports are that…

Go East, Young Neanderthal

Map of newly extended certainty of Eurasian Neanderthal range. From Nature It has for some time been difficult to assess the eastern limit of classic “Neanderthals.” Some have claimed that Neanderthals were limited to western Asia, others that they extended across much of Asia. The fossil remains themselves have been difficult to interpret. One reason…

Surprise! That’s the name of a town in Arizona, and that’s where the victims in this particular story live. A young Iraqi-American woman was living a very westernized lifestyle, and that lifestyle would not play in Peoria. And by Peoria, I mean Peoria Arizona, where the young woman’s crazy “traditional” father lived.

Peter Tu masterfully crosses face recognition technology, the Naturalistic Fallacy, and engineering in Faces, brains and prairies, oh my.

PZ Myers Caught Red Handed!!!!!

Those of us who live in Minnesota have suspected this for a long time. It is all visible in the following video. PZ is the one with the two big zeros on his shirt: