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The Corporation Part 3

Lewis Black on bottled water

This is really funny. And sad. As usual for L.B. hat tip: Digital Rabbit

The Worlds Most Annoying Stairway

Well, it is fun at first, but after a while….

Michiganonians, your help is needed!!!!

If you live in Michigan, read this: The state has withheld its October payment from the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station and MSU Extension. Armstrong, the dean of MSU’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, sees it as a sign that Gov. Jennifer Granholm might veto the programs’ $64 million in funding altogether. “We called (the…

Forever in a landfill ….

Evian fights back with a commercial that will make people forget about the Britta commercial. Which is probably a bunch of crap anyway (I mean, do you KNOW what is inside a bitta filter? Is it recyclable? Toxic? Must people die to make it like they do for your cell phone? Probably not. But to…

I just received a mass emailing from Julia’s high school, in the name of the principal. Routine business. At the end of the missive was this quote: A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. What does this quote mean to you? If you don’t know its context, you may be…

The North End, Boston, Massachusetts Over the last three years, thirty nine drivers were cited by Dallas cops for not speaking English. There is apparently a $204 fine for not speaking English while driving in Dallas. Supposedly this stems form a Federal regulation that big rig truckers must be able to speak English. This regulation…

It appears that the stae of Michigan is cutting it’s extension service funding entirely. Apparently, it would then become the only state to not have an extension service. Bug girl has the details here.

Having a hard time keeping track of internet memes? Click here. Fifty essential swine flu resources for school nurses. Here. Did you know that Republicans have lower testosterone? (Because they lost!) Click here.