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Republicans are funny

The DSCC wants to give you a free bumper sticker thingie that makes fun of republicans. Click here.

Good stuff to read on the scienceblorgs

This is really interesting: What is squalene? Next time you are talking to an antivaxer, just say “We have the squalene. We win. Shut. up.” White Coat Underground suggests that … The anti-vaccination movement is morally bankrupt. It’s always a good idea to Fight the intrusion of quackery and religious woo in health care reform…

Windows: “Trust Me” ….

I know you all love these:

Why would you want to do this?

He gets that question a lot from women. He says. Wow, that was cool.

After the state failed to issue MSU Extension and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station, or MAES, their monthly payment, officials fear funding for these programs could be eliminated altogether. The programs primarily are supported by state funding and were appropriated $64 million in the 2009-10 state higher education budget, which is awaiting Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s…

Rip in Space Time seen in Moscow Sky

Or maybe it was just a strange cloud formation…

The Corporation Part 4

WASHINGTON–Claiming that the president was preying on the public’s fear of contracting a fatal disease last week when he declared the H1N1 virus a national emergency, Republican leaders announced Wednesday that they were officially endorsing the swine flu. “Thousands of Americans–hardworking ordinary Americans like you and me–already have H1N1,” Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele…

I was originally just going to point to this but it is so intense that I felt I just needed to have it on my site. This is the life blood of the blogger:

Taking on the bottled water industry

Watergeeks is a business that sells water bottles, water filters, and other products aimed at helping alleviate the global water crisis. Their main products are personal water bottles. Their mission is to eliminate the waste of bottles used for bottled water. Many people think that because bottled water bottles are recyclable, that the bottles actually…