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The Nature of the Racist Conversation

This is Melisa Riviere. White People sometimes do hip hop. I have a reading suggestion for you. First a little background. I’ve gotten into a few arguments on race and racism in my time, some on this blog. Racist thinking is all around us. Why just a few hours ago, a neighbor complained that his…

For Halloween, I’m reprinting the only Ghost Story on my blog (so far). It is in several parts, and here’s part one: Everything I’m about to tell you in this story is true.1 This is a long story, so it may span more than one blog post. You might not want to read this story…

I would very much like your help in picking out a tee-shirt to wear around town. Let me tell you about the town, and you’ll be able to make an appropriate suggestion.

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I’ve stopped paying attention to John Stewart and that other guy what’s his name at Comedy Central because over the last month or so every single video form that source I’ve looked at produces this error:

The truth about Cheeses of Nazareth

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The Corporation Part 5

Dogs and Cats in Medical Research

Broadly speaking there are two kinds of federally regulated sources for dogs and cats used in medical research, training, an testing, in the US. They are labeled, unambiguously, A and B. A-class sources are breeders that produce animals for use in research. B-class sources, also called “Random source,” provide animals, usually adults, that are not…

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Have a look at this veto memorandum written by Arnold Schwarzenegger to kill a bill authored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco. Ammiano is famous for shouting “Kiss my ass” to Arnold at some public event or another. Tell me, is there a hidden message here?