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Not all of them, of course. But I really am getting annoyed that the supposedly “normal” Christians are not doing a better job at taking down people like “Amber” at “Christwire” who tells us that she is “Extremely Terrified Of Chinese People … but I’m not a racist.” The article in question is painful to…

As the blogs turn….

Hello, Negro: Are you a racist?: Now there’s a test! But who will use it? Joe. My. God. sets us up with a post from Dan Savage and a video. Which reminds me of my friend Emily, whom I miss. Morning stupid. Let’s deconstruct this: “I, like any sane human, think Hitler was the worst…

The Corporation Part 9

From a Yale press release: Yale University researchers have detected the effects of natural selection among two generations of contemporary women and predict their descendents will be slightly shorter and chubbier, have lower cholesterol and blood pressure and have their first children earlier in life. The predictions, which were made in the Oct. 19 online…

Michele Bachmann on Countdown

hat tip: DMB

Go Green Expo: Minneapolis

The Go Green Expo is, according to its organizers, the nation’s leading eco-focused, interactive and educational showcase. It will debut at the Minneapolis Convention Center this coming weekend, including talks, presentations, and exhibits from a variety of sources including “green businesses”. The idea is to promote energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products and services. The Expo will…

The political power of bloggers

From the BBC: Councillors in a rural town have staged a mass resignation after becoming tired of criticism from a blogger. We could just leave it at that and know our power. Or we could look at the details more closely:

Free Photographs at Universal Studios

This is very funny:

The following press release touches on a recently emerging and probably valid method of addressing some infections.

Software Needed: Enhanced web search

Google is great, and yes, I know all those tricks that make it greater. But I still want to use REGEX in some cases. So, I figured out a way to do that, in theory, all I need now is the code…