The right wing is shameless.

In one ad after another, voters in California and Maine were besieged with images of what would supposedly happen if same-sex marriage were legal: Students on a field trip to a lesbian wedding, elementary kids gobbling up books featuring gay couples, kindergartners learning about homosexuality from their teachers.

The strategy worked….

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  1. #1 Katharine
    November 7, 2009

    Dude, the fundies are insane by definition; do you honestly expect they have any sort of ‘low’ which they won’t stoop to?

  2. #2 Jared
    November 7, 2009

    Friends don’t let friends listen to right wingnuts…

  3. #3 Rich Wilson
    November 7, 2009

    The low for me was when the ‘Yes on 8’ crowd had closeups of a girl going to her lesbian teacher’s wedding. The girl’s mother had given her permission, and was quite squarely in the ‘No’ camp. So they sure don’t have a problem with using a child’s image in their advertising campaign without permission. That to me is far worse than any field trip a kid could go on WITH permission.

  4. #4 CybrgnX
    November 7, 2009

    Sorry but I disagree completely!!
    I watched those commercials and listened to what was said.
    The bigots of Calif & Maine just used that BS as an excuse to justify their outright bigotry.
    We all have been to schools and know what they don’t teach (most everything). They ALL knew that and are nothing but a bunch of ‘jepus teaches love’ hypocrites and bigots.
    I do not practice PC – it is what it is -hate and bigotry.

  5. #5 Anne Gilbert
    November 7, 2009

    About the only bright spot in this debacle is, that in Washington State, an “everything but marriage” referendum, giving gay and lesbian couples the same rights as married couples in Washingon State, at least, has passed. This is largely because the three most populous counties(King, Snohomish, and Thurston) voted to approve this measure, despite the contiuous negative advertising from the “No” crowd(which seems to consist largely of these selfsame “religious” bigots). The “dry” 2/3 of Washingto voted against it, but there are fewer people there. Fortunately. Of course, the vote is very close, and I haven’t heard whether it’s fully counted or not, so things could change at any time, but so far, I’m fairly confident.
    Anne G

  6. #6 James
    November 7, 2009

    I am absolutely sickened!!!! I haven’t been so angry in quite a long time. It hurts me so much to hear this news. How can people be so cruel and low?! I cannot grasp how people can be so inhumane and get so much pleasure out of oppressing people who just want to be with the person they love. This is horrendous! Shame on Focus and the Family, et al. They are nothing but a bunch of sick bigots who think they have all the answers because they have a invisible bigot in the sky. We do we allow people filled with hate and lies to influence our decisions about what is decent and right?

  7. #7 Azkyroth
    November 7, 2009

    It never ceases to amaze me just how evil conservatives are.