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Noachian Flood Reconstructed

Those people were gambling and consorting with donkeys. They deserved to die.

The Corporation Part 15

Cobra vs. Python: Who would win?

I can tell you which one I’d prefer to go up against. Below the bold because it is all squiggly and gross.

Minneapolis is the City of Bikes. There are more bikes here per capita than any other US city, I’m told. Many Japanese cities have more bikes per capita and even less room, so the whole bike parking issue in Japan is pretty severe. And, as usual, Japanese culture allows for more flexibility in technological solutions…

There is a theory that the Large Hadron Collider has had bad luck getting started up, and the US based super colldiing super duperductor was defunded over 10 years ago because the Higgs Boson does not want to be discovered, and has gone back in time (to now) to muck up the process of its…

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to Me

I forgot, but it was four days ago.

Fight! Fight! The librarians are fighting about software!