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I Believe! I Believe!

I believe this is a violation of the First Amendment!!!!

Important stuff on the internet

Check out the Popular Culture Translator. Alien Cow Abductions … it’s a real problem. Click here to find out more. Finally, all the important philosophical quotes you will ever need in one place.

AMA: Repeal DADT and GMB

Both a gay marriage ban and the US military Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy create health disparities, and it is now the official policy of the AMA to oppose both. Details here.

I watched a pre-release copy of tonights show, the second of three episodes, last week, and I have some comments to make about it. The short version: Do watch it! Then report back here and tell us what you thought.

The Blind Watchmaker

Don’t mess with Maddow. Or, “Keep your right wing Christian hands off … the pages????” Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Gun Nut Takes Over NY School

In Pine Plains New York, a gunman in his 40s, alone, has taken a high school administrator hostage, no shots have been fired, and it sounds like they are getting the students out of the school OK. Pine Plains is east of the Hudson near Rhinebeck, near the Mass/Conn borders. This is a fairly rural…