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Great stuff to read on the blogosphere

Almost Diamonds on Veterans Day Vitaly Ginzburg, Man of Courage and Brilliance Mat Springer: Veterans Day (and the scientists who help them win) More Dark Energy at Starts with a Bang

Know your meme: Autotune

~Also of interest:~ Tales of life in the Congo: The Congo Memoirs 1 ~ The Zodiac Falsehoods of Life, Culture and Evolution The Natural Basis for Inequality of the Sexes Hat Tip: Andrea Semlar

Of particular interest is a move within the AMA to rescind that organization’s support of reform with a public option… What’s up with that?

Music, a bar, a fashion show by Lizzie and some other people. (If you go you can find out the actual identify of Lizzie … you did know that is a pseudonym, right?) Here’s a flyer:

An inspirational message from god.

If you are an atheist, you won’t want to see this. It will shatter (he he) your beliefs. This was sent to my daughter by a fellow student.

The Internet is a Good Place to Get Sick

Or so says Stephanie Zvan, and she makes a pretty good case: There’s no place better than the internet to be sick. No, really. The people around here are amazing. I would have had a truly miserable last couple of months without them. Read the rest here

Nidal Hasan’s Weapons

There have been questions raised as part of this discussion about the nature of the weapons Nidal Hasan used in the Ft. Hood shooting. He apparently carried two pistols, and both are designed to be effective killing weapons. The more newly designed Five-sevN that he had purchased under the noses of the FBI who was…

Don’t as me. Ask PZ Myers. Next Monday, November 16th in Saint Paul.

Today as I was driving into the city, I passed under a bridge, on which stood an older man with a big huge American Flag waving to the passing cars. “Oh,” I said to Julia. “Veteran’s day.” It was too late to honk or flash my lights at the old Legionnaire in appreciation for his…

Send Afarensis Get Well Wishes

Hominid Blogger Afarensis has fallen ill, and is in hospital with Pneumonia, likely caused by Swine Flu. Please drop over here and leave a note.