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Skloot on the Cover of Publishers Weekly & Advance Praise for The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Did Low-Dose Desensitization to Allergens Make Me a SuperMan? Mumps redux at White Coat Underground

More Coffee Shops Blues

I look around me and I don’t see even one anarchist. Oh, wait, no, there might be an anarchist over there beyond the pillar…no, no, just another guy in a suit. Never mind. Read all about it here.

Matthew Hoh on Afghanistan

Al Gore talking about his new book, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis.

The other day, I went to a magic show. The magician manipulated energy fields, pulled toxins out of my stomach, and then gave me a remedy – but there was nothing inside. Then he pulled out a prescription pad, prescribed some Tamiflu, and sent me on my way. Seem unlikely? Well,…

Honey Badger vs. Cobra

In the old days, you could just use the “help” menu item to figure this out (drilling down to “about”) but now there is so much “helpful” crap in the dialog that opens when you do so, that it has become much less helpful. So just open a command line and cause the contents of…

“We’ll start by steering the wheels straight and driving, though we may have to steer the wheels to the right to counter any downhill slip to the left” … OMG have I ever been there before . But not on Mars. The Martian rover Spirit got stuck in the dust on April 23rd of this…

Fish Oil, Statins, and Neural Disease

The “statins” make up a class of cholesterol lowering drugs. Fish oil (oil derived from fish) is rich in certain fatty acids. Both types of compounds can have powerful positive and protective effects in the brain.