Al Gore talking about his new book, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis.


  1. #1 Steven Earl Salmony
    November 15, 2009

    We hear the Copenhagen Climate Conference will be a failure. No binding international agreement will be made. The last best hope for humanity to sensibly address climate destabilization has been turned into a steppingstone to nowhere.

    A colossal tragedy is in the making. Father Profit wins again and again. Mother Nature loses.

    Now for some good news: “THE(only)GAME(in town)” is in the bottom half of the ninth inning and, therefore, not yet over for Mother Nature.

  2. #2 yogi-one
    November 15, 2009

    A colossal tragedy is in the making.


    Father Profit wins again and again. Mother Nature loses.

    Father profit’s victory is hollow, hence the first point.

    Mother nature won’t lose. She’ll roll over, throw off the parasites, and get back to evolving into something new.

    The profiteers are not allowed to think on level of the cycles that Nature follows, even if some of them comprehend the natural cycles. They think in 90 day cycles, six months, one year maybe up to five years max. Nature functions over much longer cycles, which, in terms of the business math, remain invisible, even at this late stage, to the profiteers.

    The political institutions we have won’t solve the climate crises because they can’t. They are too fossilized, they move to slow, and blocking lobbyists rule the halls of DC.

    They have no other option besides failure.

    The solution is going to have to come from somewhere else.

    Maybe the Chinese, who, while spewing CO2 on the one hand, are at least encouraging their new capitalists to mine the profit potential of green technologies.

    America won’t do it. Fail. Why? because we won’t steer the desire for profits into green technologies. Oil and Coal will block with lobbyists.

    Look even at Warren Buffet, who is considered the standard of savvy investors. He just bought huge into railroad and why? Because he believes there’s tremendous money to be made by the transport of fossil fuels (particularly coal and oil).

    Why didn’t Mr Buffet sink a huge part of his fortune into developing cleaner technologies, given that he is known for betting on the direction of future business trends?

    Because he thinks, even now, the money making potential is marginal compared to coal and oil.

    So as far as I am concerned, he is a part of the problem now, in spite of his enlightenment about financial trends.

  3. #3 Fig
    November 19, 2009

    The photo graph on the front of his book has so many problems that its insane. why in the world would someone who is telling the truth have to make up so many different things. Why will this guy not debate with anyone even though he isn’t a scientist he sure acts like it when he tries to tell me how the world is going to end. If he can scare everyone then why can he not back it up with an intelligent debate with anyone. Why does he not take some of the crazy amount of money that he has made off of this global warming and put some windmills in his own back yard. Maybe he can start there. Also, how about he gets rid of all of those vehicles he has and the plane (maybe planes) he has and get on a jet like a normal person. Better yet he can get in a sail boat and blow himself to his destination will all of that hot air that he is full of. if you would like to have a good conversation there is my e mail