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How To Make Gravy

I will tell you how to make excellent gravy with no stress and guaranteed success. Without lumps.

A controversial ministry that says it preaches Christian doctrine in public schools held a fundraiser in Bloomington Thursday night, drawing a crowd of about 400. At its “Appeal to Heaven” fundraiser, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International offered attendees a preview of its new documentary, a greeting by Rep. Michele Bachmann and a…

From Mn Progressive: Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) may have gotten herself into even more ethical trouble. In her efforts to promote her healthcare protest that occurred last week, she used her official House website to promote it. Check out the details.

Penguins: Pandas:

Un-be-Flockin’-lievable (birds)

These are starlings: Bonus Video:

When John Almost Died of Naturopathy

Recent discussion of Canadian Naturopathy caused this old memory of mine to surface, regarding a friend who nearly died because he had a treatable illness but was attended to only by a Naturopath. A stupid, badly dressed Naturopath who couldn’t drive for shit.