NCSE Responds to Ray Comfort

Tomorrow, the NCSE will release a response to Ray Comfort’s tricked-out version of Darwin’s Origin of Species.

I got a sneak preview of the web site and if you are good, I can let you see it too.

(a GLB exclusive!)

First, you need to go here and click around and get interested in dopplegangers. Then come right back.

OK, you’re back, cool.

The new site addresses this gosh-awful rendition of the Origin of Species put out by the creationists that includes a creationist introduction and some pre-quote mined text. The NCSE has responded.

On November 19th, Los Angeles-based creationist Ray Comfort plans to distribute thousands of free copies of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species to students at the “100 top U.S. universities.” The catch? This edition of Origin includes a 54-page “special” introduction written by Comfort.

In response to the Comfort Origin, the NCSE is launching a campaign at colleges across the U.S. to put the record straight. On this site, you’ll find a number of useful resources, including a blow-by-blow analysis of the Comfort introduction, a one page flier (“Why Ray Comfort is Wrong”), the NCSE Safety Bookmark (for use with Comfort’s edition of Origin), details on the best web sites and books devoted to evolutionary science, and a Public Service film about the dangers of certain book introductions.

The new site is here.

Now, pass that URL on to everyone you know!!!!11!!!

And remember, you heard it here first, folks!


  1. #1 Jay
    November 16, 2009

    Thanks for posting this, Greg.

  2. #2 NewEnglandBob
    November 16, 2009

    Actually I heard it over on Facebook first. Some guy using initials GLB posted it there.

  3. #3 G.D.
    November 17, 2009

    Well, as long as his banana argument is still up on youtube that should be refutation enough (I always fit that one in when I am teaching, at one point or another).

    Still, I agree that it’s good to have that link. Thank you

  4. #4 jolly
    November 17, 2009

    Every time I hear that statement that the eye is ‘irreducibly complex’ and proves there is a god, I want to ask if the eye could be proved to not be ‘irreducibly complex’, would they then admit that evolution is real? I would be very interested in their answer.

  5. #5 Nick Gardner
    November 18, 2009

    I got my copy courtesy of a lab mate. If you read the opening, there is a special note before the text of Origin begins-

    Someone once graciously said “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” However, it seems that some contemporary atheists don’t share such honorable convictions. When they learned about this publication they threatened lawsuits, book burnings, and even censorship in vowing to tear the Introduction out fo the book. If the Special Introduction has indeed been removed from this publication, you may view it freely on to learn what some don’t want you to know.
    It was Irish playwright and skeptic George Bernard Shaw who warned, “All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions”

  6. #6 Ben Zvan
    November 19, 2009

    I understand that this is a much better version of the book.

  7. #7 Arny
    December 5, 2010

    Creation theory if it turned out true would only mean that Science had succeeded in the quest to seek knowledge rather than not. By then, I wouldn’t be surprise when people the like of Ray, hijack it for their ulterior motives without fully recognizing and appreciating other people’s work. Well, at least Darwin published his work with full anticipation for the (scientific) community to test out his theory, either rebuking or supporting it. That’s commendable. As for Ray, he is out bickering and denigrating a deceased & defenseless person. Who will be Ray’s next target? Sigh….