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Help with writers block.

I’m writing an academic article and I have writers block. Lets see … what shall I do….

From an “unknown greater good” to “evil is necessary to prove God’s existence” it’s all a lot of hooey and post hoc justification. August Berkshire has a new version of his list, here.

Mastering IPTables: The Movie

First, blotto one light bulb to appease the gods: Then…

The first part of this documentary, including the preface and the first several minutes of the main body of the work, should be deleted. The writers and producers who put that part together should be captured, gutted, eviscerated, and their dried and salted remains staked to the front entrance of the Public Broadcasting System as…

Check these out.

I never realized that George Bush had such a bald-fetish until I saw THIS. Follow the money Fully automatic cute fuzzy thing.

My review will be ready in about two hours from now.

Bergman gave the argument FOR Intelligent Design, and Myers gave the argument AGAINST.