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Atlantis Launch

There are not going to be too many more of these:

Pabst Blue Ribbon is Hip?

I was sitting at a very hip bar in a very hip joint the other day speaking with a couple of very hip people. Then one of the hipsters asked the bartender for a couple of “PBR’s” “PBR,” I thought. That must be the hip new drink. And silly me, I’m sitting here drinking my…

Do not try this at home unless you are a certified physics teacher. Try not to think about what all the crap is in this guy’s microwave. And do wear goggles. The really interesting part is after five minutes. That’s where the science starts.

You probably heard about Michele Bachmann’s “Whites of their eyes” event last week, where she urged reporters to arrive en masse at the US Capitol, to swarm the halls and glare at their congresspersons in the eyes until the blinked. Or voted against health care insurance reform. Or something.

Hat Tip: Julia

More on cooking a turkey

Cooking turkey is actually kind of a dumb idea. Most people don’t ever cook turkey. Turkey is like chicken … it’s a domestic bird that is familiar to all Americans … but it is very difficult to cook in a way that does not ruin it. So once a year, you cook this huge bird…

Wow. My internet connection was down for a few hours. Did I miss anything?

Milky Way Rising Video

Milky Way Rising from Dean Rowe on Vimeo.