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Top Ten Internet Videos Countdown: #9

I have a few non-authoritative comments regarding recent and current medical developments. This concerns the flu (esp. the H1N1 Swine Pandemic Flu), and the two recent changes in screening recommendations, for breast and cervical cancer and related issues.

Top Ten Internet Videos Countdown: #10

Artificial Intelligence as a term implies that there is a “natural” intelligence we wish to replicate in the lab and then engineer in any one of several practical contexts. There is nothing in the term that implies that “intelligence” be human, but the implication is clear that such a thing as “intelligence” exists and that…

Electricity Gone Wild

A high-voltage arc caused by a 500kV Switch opening up in the Nevada Desert. An enormous Jacob’s Ladder

Some guy named David (but he would not give his last name) and his friends were handing around Ray Comfort’s tricked-out version of Darwin’s Origin of Species on the University of Minnesota Campus today. Thanks to my former student Becky for sending me these links: Minnesota Daily: Creationists hand out Darwin’s book with a twist…

All marriage was accidentally banned in Texas when Texas banned “Gay Marriage.” What a bunch of morons. Details here.