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The iPhone Blows

Evolution is not allowed here

Top Ten Internet Videos Countdown: #2

When the manuscript review goes bad

Drug monkey put up this funny video. But it is not so funny as it is like real life some times.

Huxley and the Pacifier Problem

The question of pacifiers (and for that matter bottles) arises when there is a new baby. In the case of Huxley, he will be breast milk fed if possible, but that involves bottle feeding at some point. Also, since our society does not practice cross nursing all Western babies go through a risk period when…

Making Sausage: Thoughts on the CRU Hack

Josh Rosenau has an excellent post on the recent theft and release of (selected uncontextualized?) emails of climate scientists. See: Stolen emails, climate change, and the practice of science. I have been in the room when scientists got personal and forgot to be objective. I’ve been in the room when scientists made up data, or…