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And I say “Crap” because this is, for once, going to be a science talk and that would be really interesting, BUT Stephanie Zvan, Mike Haubrich and I will be busy making a TV show at the same time. (Our new sitcom!) But YOU can go to the talk. Here are the details:

Obama negotiates with wildfire

This is not about “Man against fire” but rather “Man and fire working together.”

2009 Top Ten Innovations

According to The Scientist

Top Ten Internet Videos Countdown: #1

You tell me. Vote for your favorite internet video in the comments section below.

Take the quiz Hat tip: Primate Diaries

It has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that stuff has been made up and foisted on the American Public.

Rhett is the New Sbling

Rhett Allain is an Associate Professor of Physics at Southeastern Louisiana University. He enjoys teaching and talking about physics. Sometimes he takes things apart and can’t put them back together…. And now he blogs HERE! Welcome Rhett.

When my baby nurses from his mom, he can see her face and bond with her because he was designed to do so by god. Like how a banana is designed by god to fit comfortably in the hand for eating, or maybe just carrying around. What am I talking about?

“Get her drunk then get her done.” So reads one of the decals on the F-150 pickup truck parked in my new neighbor’s driveway. Of all the objectionable aphorisms on that particular truck, that’s the mildest one. I wonder what my daughter will think of that when she notices it some time over the next…