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Circus of the Spineless #45

Welcome to the 45th installment of the Circus of the Spineless Blog Carnival. The previous installment of this panoply of boneless metazoans was at Marmorkrebs, and the next edition will be at Life Photo Meme. Please check with the carnival’s home for information on how to submit your spineless blog posts.

Raptors and their Talons

Raptors and their Talons are the subjects of a blog post on the DC Birding Blog called “How Raptor Talons Fit Their Prey” This post, which is quite excellent and that I highly recommend, on the November Plos Blog Post of the Month Award. We hope blog post author John Beetham will enjoy his trip…

Drop everything! Drop everything!

As pointed out moments ago by DrugMonkey, the brain of HM is at this very moment being cross sectioned at The Brain Observatory. Here

Chosen by a selected, secret jury, this entry comes from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Just when you think you’ve seen all the viral videos, another one comes along ….

Obama’s War Plan

As a strategy, Obama’s plan for Afghanistan is an order of magnitude better then what we were doing before, and an order of magnitude worse than walking away from the region. Or at least, that is my opinion at the moment. Here’s some interesting discussion on it:

Audubon’s annual Christmas Bird Count

The Bird Count is Coming Up!

Check these out

The world’s most gruesome regular expression. The world’s tallest virtual building