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… or … Republicans Attack Franken for Opposing Rape No, no … maybe this .. Thirty Senate Republicans Prefer Rape over Justice Or perhaps … Al Franken Does Right Thing: Republicans Get Mad Oh, forget it. I’ll never decide on a title for this post. Just watch the story:

Michele Bachmann Wins Major Award!

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann wins a major award, and we Minnesotans are all so freakin’ proud of her! Watch:

Seventy-One Dead in Minnesota Tragedy

More are expected to die prior to December 17th gathering.

Wikio Science Blog Ranking for December

The Wikios are out. Have a look!

Science Bloggers on Teh Stoopid

Hey, it turns out Zicam works! Oh, no, wait, it just causes you to lose your sense of smell. Maybe. –> New Zicam study shows possible mechanism for anosmia YA Virgin Mary Sighting –> O Most Holy Pancake! Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just some kind of freakin’ moron? –>…