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Jeremiah Wobbe, of Saint Paul, chucked tomatoes at Sarah Palin … at the mall of America …

I have yet to meet anyone who has read this book, myself included. But apparently some sciency blogger picked up a copy the other day and noticed a near absence of female scientists represented in the anthology. Why? Y, apparently.

Remember The Big One

For the US, World War Two started today, 68 years ago, when the Japanese wiped out much of the US Pacific Naval fleet and President Roosevelt declared war.

A New Sibling

Welcome to Sharon Astyk of Casaubon’s Book, which used to be here. Sharon has moved Casaubon’s Book to Scienceblogs, here. You can find out what she’s up to HERE. … This is the third iteration of the Blog “Casaubon’s Book” which covers both our ecological predicament and my response to it. My primary topics are…

Astrology vs. Astronomy

Hat tip: Desiree Schell