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Google Chrome BETA is now available for Linux. Click here. I get the distinct impression that Google is no taking Linux seriously.

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… made out of an iPhone.

Science cookies. (Hat tip PZ)


  1. #1 Nemo
    December 9, 2009

    that Google is no taking Linux seriously.

    Is that meant to say “now” or “not”?

    I’m pretty sure Google uses Linux internally, but I guess their consumer software is a different matter. But, Chrome is based on Safari, and Safari is based on Konqueror, so it all came from Linux in the first place. Chrome sucks, anyway.

  2. #2 Spiv
    December 10, 2009

    I’m all about chrome. It’s really starting to become a real browser, and I’m pleased to see an official beta for linux. I’ll be giving it a try as soon as I get home.

    Also I really see no reason to imply that google isn’t taking linux seriously- they’ve approached every release with similar lightheartedness (including the entire chrome project, whose theme seems to be silly comic strips. Getting Adam Langley of XKCD fame to draw up the linux one seems pretty honorable to me.

    (That and ChromeOS is a linux core, so they darn well better get chrome browser working spiff and dandy on it).

  3. #3 Nemo
    December 10, 2009

    XKCD is done by Randall Munroe. This Adam Langley guy is just trying to copy his style.

    This is the first time I actually looked at the link, BTW, so I realize now that Greg definitely meant “not”. But I’m glad to see that Google acknowledged the Konqueror thing.

  4. #4 Greg Laden
    December 10, 2009

    Nemo, my position from the beginning has been that Google should have either developed Chrome with Linux fully in the plan, or even to have developed it for Linux first, generating a huge OpenSource helper base. Instead, the Linux community has mostly been left to do this on its own. The fact that Google (and thus, the Free Civilized World) runs on Linux (well, on Python on Linux) is one of the reasons for doing this!

    My “not taking Linux seriously” in reference to this link is that they are using a cartoon, and thus, I was lapooning the cartoon (i.e., that was a joke). But a poignant joke.

    I have not tried this new chrome yet.

  5. #5 Bill James
    December 10, 2009

    From the perspective that Chrome is a form of turf protection – as is Google OS – it is understandable this impactor being targeted at Microsoft meatspace and thus the thrust. Not to say that Linux has never been fully in plan, but Linux is neither a threat nor representative of significant gain objectively. Unsurprising a Linux version not being first out of the box. By similar token, early participation of an eclectic open source developer community is not particularly beneficial nor desirable in the Chromium birthing phase, which is where Google is largely at with these initiatives. All in due time.

    In a way we may be seeing application of a few lessons Google learned with Android having established a much better foundation (most notably API changes and extensions) for external development with version 2.0 while maintaining and extending platform suitability to task. At a fundamental level Google strives to insure development advances in large part along lines harmonious to its needs initially while appearing to let things follow a more evolutionary path beyond conceptual solidification.

    That said, Android has been mostly success even though Google had to somewhat rearrange the basement after the house was built so to speak which off put third party developers a degree or two. My understanding is that Android is not an easy platform to code for being that hardware is a moving target. Once things stabilize a bit I’ve every confidence the community will bring to fruition the platform as the industry game changer it was envisioned to be. Indeed, it could be argued this has already happened.

    I’m less sure that the Google Chrome browser and companion OS will be as significant as Android, leastwise in the near term since we already have many browsers and suitable operating systems from which to choose. Perhaps too many and Google can reduce fragmentation via coalescence and spur innovation into realization that way. Not that we have a shortage of developers per se, rather a log jam of potential products begging a market if not fighting for capital. A cause and effect that dovetails into Net Neutrality debates and monopoly building.

    Which brings us to yet another view port as Google grows into another Microsoft. Having recently spent the better part of two days on background of Google Analytics which started with a revisit of the current cookie situation, came to realize that A) the story has been done well enough already and B) arrived at an ultimate conclusion so depressing that I decided to abandon the topic as a candidate for posting not wanting to push readership straight into the freak zone. While Google can chant the “do no evil” mantra all they want, the data still exists, is amassed, stored and retrieved with model efficiency and core to the business. Unwilling though they may be, Google can be persuaded to give this collection up or otherwise make accessible when not sold for profit outright and Google while a very large tip, is but part of a much larger iceberg that grows from the moment a connection is established with your Internet Service Provider.

    I see this is running long and need to close so I will and though my preference is to hop down the bunny trail on a positive note, we are at our complacent best the exploitable targets of marketing easily lured by the shiny and new into the holding pens of consumerist slaughterhouses, but one perilous step beyond glittering facades and barkers extolling corporate virtues derived from serving man.