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How to swaddle a baby

Turn the blanket 45 degrees and fold down the farthest corner. Place baby with neck over the fold. Bring one side of the blanket across baby and tuck in behind. Bring lower extension of blanket up over the baby, and tuck one side into the same side you tucked the side into. Bring the opposite,…

Are you a real skeptic? I doubt it.

I mean, you might be, but I’m certainly not going to take your word for it….

The Gang of Four

Every now and then Rachel goes OTT with her … disco ball. This is one of those times:

Please help out a friend…

… with a survey. This is a survey of The Media and your spending habits, which is being done as informal research pursuant to the writing of what will prove to be a very interesting book on a very interesting topic. Please take the survey and then pass on the link to EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!!11!!…

Al Gore on Climategate

… and other, related issues. Gore’s recent book: Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis Oh, and did you notice the Inhofe – “kill the gays” link?

Cure Teh Gay meets Teh Gay Part II

Rachel Maddow pursues the Uganda Kill The Gays problem in a series of startling bits of reporting. Holy crap, people. (Note that AGW denier link, BTW!)