Archives for December 15, 2009

Linux Matters

Linux in Exile has some boot time data for Fedora and an interesting piece on how Microsoft Word can cause you to lose access to your own documents. There are now 20,000 Android apps. Yet another approach to downloading YouTube videos.

Oral Roberts is Dead

He practically invented modern TV evangelical preaching and grubbing. His death reminds me of Kristine’s story.

Alternate titles for this post: “It turns out, it is a little like a priesthood.” “Join us. Join us. Join us. Braaainzzzzz” “Imma gonna let you finish, but first I think you need to get your Wellies wet.” …

Huxley’s first reunion

Huxley at the reunion of the “How To Get Born’d” class. He’s the extra cute one.

Octopus Tool Use

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There are six or seven states where you must believe in god (well, swear on the bible that you believe in god) in order to hold public office. I may have to boycott the Science Online 2010 conference, because it is in one of those states!