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This is just un-believ-able

Joe Lierbeman Socks!!!!!

Randi and Global Warming, the Retraction

James Randi says, of global warming, I Am Not “Denying” Anything. PZ is not entirely sanguine about it. But James wants to give Randi a pass. Anybody want to buy a goat?

PZ Myers Swarmed by Kliqueons!!!11!!

Somebody is wrong on the Internet again, and it might be interesting enough to check out. It involved PZ Myers, Isis the Scientist, terrifiedtabetic, Stephanie Zvan, a few commenters, and it is all about Peter Watts getting beat up by border guards while crossing into the United States. I’m just guessing here, but I’m pretty…

It is not possible for anyone to understand every policy-important aspect of scientific knowledge at the level of detail necessary to accept that knowledge as valid, or to defend it against the evil anti-science denialists. So what is a skeptic to do?

If you’ve read everything I’ve written, and studies it closely with a map in hand, you know that I Love Minneapolis and that I have certain connections with certain neighborhoods, including Nokomis Park. Well, the Minnesota Humanists have asked me to give a talk at the park … indoors … on human evolution this Saturday.…