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Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

Right-wing media have highlighted recent snowfall during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, often suggesting that the winter storm is evidence that climate change is, in Rush Limbaugh’s words, “a fraud.” source Oh, have you joined my new (and first, and only) facebook group? … Chris Matthews: Stop Asking Pat Buchanan…

Microbiology on Skeptically Speaking

In about an hour, turn on your intertubes!!! Lisa Hammet will talk to us about pathogens, viruses, probiotics, antibiotics… if it’s too small to be seen without a microscope, it’s up for discussion. Details here

Franken slaps Lieberman upside the head

You’ve gotta see this if you have not yet seen it.

Block the bill until it’s fixed?

In case you are interested …. The latest Senate health care bill has no public option. No expansion of Medicare. And it does too little to guarantee that uninsured Americans will actually be able afford the coverage they’ll be required to purchase. But it’s not too late to fix the bill. And as Joe Lieberman…

Photographer Scott Rowed has penned an excellent essay on his experience making the switch to Linux, and he’s agreed to place it here as a guest post. Please read it and pass it on to people, school districts, small island nations, and others who may benefit:

Petition Against Lie-berman

Joe Lieberman has announced that he will not vote to stop the filibuster of any for a health care bill that contains the public option. He justifies this position by saying that a government-run health insurance option will cost taxpayers and increase the National Debt even though the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) forecasts $100 billion…