Here in Minnesota, we don’t get much snow. Minnesotans THINK they get lots of snow, because Minnesota is thought of as a wintry state. But the snowfall here is moderate, not great, in a typical year. If Minnesota were snowy, and Minnesotans could handle that, it would be hard to explain the 400 or so accidents that happen on the Twin Cities highways every time it snows.

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  1. #1 aratina cage
    December 23, 2009

    “You betcha,” said the third.

    “Oh, listen, the weather report is on the radio.”

    ” …the 46 to 60 hour long snow storm may turn out to be similar to the Halloween storm of 1991…”

    “Oh…” said they all.

    Pale faces became paler. You could hear the ticking in the heads. People thinking about their plans.

    Surely there is very real and very convincing data that the city cannot survive the excesses of the weather. Proliferation of snowy side berms; uncontrolled flurries; snow and ice on the land, the sea, and in the air; the powdering of the environment. In this context, isn’t it obvious that Chicken Little represents the sane vision? And that Homo sapiens‘ motto, “Let’s go shopping”, is the cry of the true lunatic?

  2. #2 paula
    December 24, 2009

    newish reader here – can you please explain the 11 reference to me – I’ve seen it a few times now. cheers!