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Comment moderation back on.

Due to an ovewhelming influx of drek from various commenters, I’ve turned comment moderation up a few notches. This will probably mean that your comments will be grabbed by the moderation monster no matter what you say or who you are, because the Moveable Type comment moderation system totally sucks. I’m doing this because I…

How To Use Linux ~ 04 Instalilng Software

This is the fourth in a series of posts on using Ubuntu Linux specifically written for that select group of people who are smart but non-geek computer users who are using Linux because they are. Just are.

Fun links

The first Google search page First Atomic Clock Wristwatch How floating cities will work. Albert Einstein Page

Merry Christma … huh? Merry what? Huh?

What? Is it Christmas again? Damn. Every year I wake up on Christmas and realize I totally spaced the solstice. So what am I going to do with this GOAT I forgot to sacrifice????11??

This Photograph Needs a Caption

More captions please..